Thursday, 27 June 2013

News update

I cant believe it is over a month since I have done any craft challenges.  I have been away a lot and when home very busy with catching up.  Its a shame really as I have missed some lovely challenges that I would love to have had a go at.   At the end of May  I went away in my Romahome for a weekend and we had lovely weather, I was home for 3 days during which I had a tummy upset so did not feel like doing anything. Then on Friday the 7th June I drove down to Dartmouth for the weekend to look after my little Granddaughter Elsie whilst her Mum and Dad went to a wedding.  She was adorable, SO good for me, did everything I told her too and we had a lot of fun together, she was an angel.  I drove home on the Sunday, and on the Tuesday I had a phone call from my daughter saying Elsie had 'bounced'  out of her cot and landed on her head.  Luckily she did not damage her head, but she dislocated and broke her elbow.  Poor love, she had to have her arm in plaster and I went down to her home to help look after her for a few days whilst her Mum and Dad worked. She was very good, but not very comfortable at first and then she got used to it.  Since I have been back I have been catching up with chores as I am off again tomorrow to Suffolk in the Romahome for 10 days.  I was meant to go today, but I have a bad cold and do not feel like driving all that way.  Hope I'm ok tomorrow!
I gave Elsie for her birthday a doll's pram but there weren't any pretty covers for it, so I asked my good friend Sue, who makes the most beautiful quilts as well as cards, if she could make a little quilt and pillow for Elsie's dolls pram.  I collected it this week, it is lovely, pink, embroidered and has a frill all round it and I am sure Elsie will love it. Thanks Sue for all your lovely work.  Here is the card I quickly made for her to say 'Thank You'.

I love these triple layer cards they are quick and easy to make. The stamp is a Sheena Douglas stamp and I used the wet stamping technique where you spritz the stamp with water after you have applied the ink and then you get this nice water colour effect. It is all very simple and effective.
That's all for now.  I wont be crafting again now until the middle of July as I am away until then. Bye for now. Thanks for dropping by.  Viji. x


  1. This is beautiful Viji, she will love it. I must give this waterstamping technique a try, but this stamp is perfect for it. Great use of triple time too. good to see you again the other evening

    Louise xx

  2. Beautiful card, enjoy your break, it sounds like you really need it,
    Rosie x